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Michael & Arianna Huffington

Congressman Huffington – Larry's 70th birthday in 1993 was the excuse for a very successful fund-raising event. Michael Huffington, member of the U.S. House of Representatives for the 22nd District, which included Santa Barbara County, joined with his wife Arianna to throw an extravagant benefit dinner in Larry's honor. (Larry's children Michael, Leslie and Larry Crandell are in the background to the left.)

"Michael was gracious and generous to charities", remembers Larry. "In 1994, he launched his campaign for U.S. senator at another multi-millionaire's house. Fifty very wealthy people were listening to him speak. I was sitting with Arianna and I whispered that it was a new campaign, but the same old sports jacket. She made him stop speaking and then told everyone what I had said. Michael smiled. He loved anything that made him look like the common man. By the way, the 'old' sports coat was a $1500 Baroni."

Huffington went on to spend $28 million of his personal fortune on the Senate campaign, but lost the race to Dianne Feinstein by 1.6 percent of the vote.